Finnish language is not difficult, it’s different – Suomen kieli ei ole vaikea, se on erilainen

by Maksym Sytnyk, degree student in Environmental Engineering

Easy Finnish expressions with pictures on the blackboard

You can learn the language only when you have a clear goal for what you are learning it for; otherwise, it’s just “Puhun vähän suomea” throughout all 4 years of the studies. Be sure, visiting basic classes is not the way to become a master.

Self-controlled learning at home combined with studying at extra schools and live-conversations with everyone of any age and status is the way to become fluent in Finnish. “You can’t learn to cycle a bike by reading the instructions”. There is also a second way: enroll officially to some course of your interest that is conducted in Finnish; take in seriously and aim to get grade “5”.

There are examples of people, who were able to master the language in 1 – 2 years. Their driving forces were a desire to have a professional job in Finland during the summers and after graduation; ability to do own business; doing non-English Master’s programs in the field of interest; passion towards the country, Finnish friends and desire to stay here.

There are hard moments during the realization of the goal – feeling that it won’t work out. It is natural; just continue working. You’ll reach new higher level after overcoming that point.

For your learning process:

1. You can officially study professional and language courses at TUT and UTA.

2. Finnish language schools are organized in Tampere (also online):

3. Learning is fascinating with real books, journals, and comics. There are many at TAMK’s library and at local Second hand stores’.

4. Be sure, Finnish is essential to get a summer work.

5. Don’t limit your learning methods: search for fun and interesting ways of realizing your big goal, and one day you’ll say “Puhun suomea sujuvasti”.

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