Snowboarding In Tampere area – Lumilautailua Tampereella

by Federico di Rosa, degree student in Media

Icy birch twigs in sun shine, background blue sky

Do you enjoy winter sports and in particular snowboarding ? I do and I can tell you something about the possibilities in Tampere.

There are mainly two places where you can go, and these are Mustavuori and Hervanta ski resorts (Tampereen Rinteet).

Both resorts have 2 big slopes and one for children. If you are used to go skiing on the Alps for instance, do not expect anything like it but if you are just looking for some jumps and rails that’s the right place for you.

Prices: my opinion? way too expensive for what you get. But you know this is Finland 🙂

My suggestion? Go on Tuesdays because of  very good discount: you can get a ticket for 3-5 euros an hour. Also renting (board and boots) will cost you only 3.5 an hour. Quite nice, isn’t it?

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