An introduction to the amazing Kirpputori

by Yonathan Wolowelsky, degree student in Media

Sign with the text Kirpputori

A must-go for me in each new city I am arriving at, is a flea market. Even if I don’t need to buy anything, I like the to go to a flea market. Breathing the air of old 60s vinyl players, magazines from the 3rd Reich and clothing I will never wear. It makes me feel excitement and relaxation at the same time. Usually around Europe  flea markets are open-air and open only during weekends. Even though these flea markets have the best merchandise and the most authentic environments, it is still a bit a bummer to wait the whole week for the opportunity to watch reindeer fur on a 50 percent sale.

Outdoor flea markets in Finland are even less practical. It is well known that there is only around two weeks a year you can actually go outside without a massive warm clothing on yourself. Therefore the Finns invented the Kirpputori, an amazing form of indoor flea markets. Usually they are open every day or every weekday, you can find everything you (don’t) need. Fill your house with all the furniture needed and pay so little, so you could actually afford paying the rent.

Tampere is no doubt a heaven for Kirpputoris lovers. There are so many Kirpputoris in town, each one has its own character and its own specialization and you can spend days and weeks just walking in and around them!