How to enjoy winter below -20°C

by Bokyung Kim, degree student in Media

One of the most common misconceptions about winter in Finland is that it is boring. Once winter starts in Finland, the sun is hardly to be seen in the sky and the daytime is getting shorter and shorter. In addition to the darkness of the winter the degree is always below zero and lots, lots, lots of snow everywhere everyday. However, it does not mean you will have boring winter in Finland! Today, I would like to share my know-how to enjoy winter in Finland 🙂

Three students wearing their skates in a shelter, snowy background

Sun is shining and the ice rink is waiting!

1. Try Winter Sports!

Finland will be truly heaven if you love sports. During the winter season, Finnish people enjoy lots of winter sports. Needless to say, ice skating and downhill skiing are the most common winter sports and you can enjoy them almost everywhere in Finland. There are lots of ice rinks and ski hills around the city and most of them are free. If you want to try more challenging and exotic one, I would suggest you to try ice hockey or cross-country skiing in the frozen lake!


Nine media students - boys and girls - posing for a photo at their pre-Christmas party.

Let’s party: have a nice pre-Christmas!

2. Enjoy Authentic Christmas!

As you might already know, Finland is the hometown of Santa Claus and celebrates Christmas as one of the biggest holidays. During Christmas season, in every city square in Finland Christmas markets sell the authentic and unique Christmas food, decorations and handmade goods. Also, don’t forget to enjoy Pikkujoulu! Pikkujoulu is a pre-party for real Christmas and usually friends gather all together and celebrate Christmas before real one comes.

Buns called korvapuusti, partly under a linen.

Korvapuusti is one kind of pulla, filled with butter, sugar and cinnamon.

3. Time to Know Joy of Baking!

If you don’t want to do any outdoor activities during the winter season, then it is time to know joy of baking! Finnish people love baking and they have lots of recipes for desserts that will melt your frozen heart! Pulla and Munkki are the most common desserts in Finland and usually perfect pair with coffee. Pulla is a sweet roll flavored with cinnamon and Munkki is a moist donut without hole. Once you come to know joy of baking, your kitchen will be filled with smell of heaven!

Those 3 tips are the ones actually helped me a lot to go through the most challenging period for foreign students. At first you might feel depressed for darkness and cold weather in Finnish winter, however, once you decide your mind to fully enjoy every moment, you will find yourself being in amazing place with endless wonder! 🙂