Yksi, kaksi, kolme…

by Marja Oksanen

Two male students working at a brown table with small white pieces of paper

Opiskelijat München Hochschulessa opiskelevat “yksi, kaksi…” toukokuussa 2013.

Osaatko jo laskea suomeksi? Are you already able to count in Finnish?

Kuinka vanha Tampere on? You can start counting from the year 1777…

Finnish numbers from one to seven formed letter by letter using white pieces of paper

Can you find something to correct?

2 thoughts on “Yksi, kaksi, kolme…

  1. Vladimiro Rinaldi (apoesidi)

    Hello fellow authors teachers and stdents in Suomi Finland. My name is Vladimiro Rinaldi ( Rinaldi and Ranuzzi) I am an Italian author and a professional art and ethnology with many years experiece working for important museums. Notb for this I am writing to you.I am writing to you to invite you to visit my web site of poems in many well translated ( I hope so )languages,Suomen kieli is included. translating poems is another hard word because only the poets can translate well other poets,ifbthey in common something have. I would like to know if there i
    are poets who would like to translate a poem I wrote in English,it’s title is( in English) this one : DOVE. English would be the language to be translated into Finnish. This is a poem for peace,friendship among the people,respect for the differences and culturs. o read this poem please digit Google.com and then digit http://www.apoesidi.com. Flags for each language, click on that of Suomi Finland. And let me know what you think.I aldo have activated a blog,it’ title is Progressi In Psichiatria Psychiatric Progress. it is not about poetry,it is against stigma and ill treatments in the social,psychiatry and in favour of human rights and environament. Let’s stay tuned,the most we are the better,at global level.

  2. Yakubovskaya Tatiana

    Me and my daughter will need to get the Finnish courses for admission to TAMK. Please advise us on how we can build in the spring 2014 training program. We constantly live in Tampere in October 2013. The level of knowledge of Finnish – 0. Thank you.
    Tatiana Yakubovskaya

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