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How to wear and act in a snowy country

by Lackson Kashobwe, degree student in Environmental Engineering

An African man and woman in thick, colourful wear in a snowy landscape

In winter wonderland with my sister

It was more than  a  year ago, in August 2012, when I came from Zambia, southern part of Africa,  to Finland which I feel to be blessed with a lot of natural resources and also knowledge  – for  example numerous lakes, snow, forests and good health care and education systems.

I think that fashion in Finland has an original aesthetic style, unlike in any other area in the world. Residents make their style their own, with bright colors and warm fabrics, in order to combat  typical cold and dark months. Their clothing, also, focuses on the importance of handmade and high quality prints, which look both old and new, at the same time. Finnish fashion is relatively young.

God keeps his people in different ways; it’s amazing and interesting to see how Finnish people survive during winter time. Because winter time in Finland is characterized by several things such as darkness and coldness, but also this season is longer than any other season. It is also fascinating to see how developed Finland has been in almost all sectors despites long dark days and winter period.

The dressing during winter time is mostly winter jacket, long coat, long johns for males inside their trousers and thermal underwear for females.

Five people swinging light sticks in darkness on a snowy ground

Having fun outside the cottage during Christmas

I think that winter time is the best time of the year! So lovely is the snow raining down from the skies, all vegetation; houses are covered by snow so charming. The first day I saw snow was when coming out of the room and only to find white carpet of snow waiting for me to step on it. I enjoyed every single hour, minute and second of Finnish winter and luck in enough I have my sister who took me round and showed most of activities that happen during winter time. My best experience was when I visited the countryside. There we played some games, we did skinny sliding on the snow and we made snow balls. It was wonderful time of my life.

Each season has both advantages and harms. So some people may dislike winter, but what is important is to appreciate each season and learn to do something that will make the season meaningful and important in our life.