Rye – Give It a Try!

by Anna-Maija Mattila, degree student in Environmental Engineering

A slice of rye bread with cheese on a plate

Yksinkertaista ja hyvää! = Simple and tasty!

All Finns know the rye bread. It’s like a basic thing and it is said to be really healthy. Many love it. But also some can not tolerate it. Or their stomach could not, as it may cause bloating etc. for those with sensitive stomach.

You could introduce yourself to this common celebrity with a simple recipe, just fresh rye bread, butter and cheese. It is very simple but absolutely good! And I really mean fresh bread. Then the taste is the best.
Many rye versions of products are made here in Finland, like nachos and pasta. One tasty and easy to get option could be an instant rye flake lingonberry porridge. The taste is a bit stronger than usual oat one but sugar and lingonberry complete it nicely. Just add boiling water!

Two food packages on the table.

Organic (=luomu) rye(=ruis) flour (=jauho) for baking and instant (=pika-) porridge (=puuro).

If you really got interested in rye products there are also a lot of traditional Finnish food made of it. Here few examples:
• kalakukko (big rye bread filled with fish)
• karjalanpiirakka (flat rye “bread” filled with rice)
• mämmi (Easter food)