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Explore Finland – go jogging!

by Jonna Valosalmi, degree student in Environmental Engineering

Finnish forest panorama in late autumn from a hillside

Jogging is a great way to get to know the surroundings; as a new inhabitant of Tampere I found getting lost on a weekly basis quite teaching. Now, after half a year, I can go to the grocery store without having to draw a map and I’m quite able to navigate myself home from anywhere around the city.

I find jogging the easiest way to exercise because you can go out anytime and anywhere. There’s no need for fancy equipment since all you need is a pair of sneakers and you’re ready to go. The best part of it is spending time in the nature at different times of the day and seeing the scenery change throughout the year. Just now the time that Sun shines on the Northern hemisphere is getting shorter day by day and the nature is starting to prepare for winter.

A path in a Finnish ridge forest in autumn timeWhether you work out passionately all year round or have found yourself curled up on the couch during the dark winter nights, it is a great time to start enjoying the season of changing colors by jogging. It’s definitely relaxing to take a break from one’s own thoughts and only concentrate on the body and the surroundings. So why spend any more time inside when you have the perfect excuse to enjoy the autumn (and avoid homework)!


The pictures were taken at a footpath in Eastern Finland in autumn 2013.




Ice Fishing in Finland

by Tyler Rickabaugh, degree student in Environmental Engineering

Tampere winter horizont - ice cover of Näsijärvi lake with sight seeing tower Näsinneula

After hot July it is maybe hard to imagine that in few months the lakes offer an amazing environment for ice fishing!

Ice fishing is a long and deep history of Finland. It is known to be a public rights access, meaning that you don’t have to have a license to fish. All you need is a fishing pole, really warm clothes, a frozen lake, and a tool to break the ice.

The most important thing in ice fishing is preparation. You don’t want to get out to the middle of the lake only to realize you forgot something, or that you are under dressed. Always be prepared. Please note that you can spend several hours on the lake in freezing temperatures, so it’s going to get cold. If you are fortunate enough to know someone who happens to have a tent or hut that they use while ice fishing then it can make the experience that much better.

Common fish you will come across while ice fishing are perch and pikes. Pikes are a bit bigger fish and can really give you a good fight. Although both of the perch and pikes meat are a bit bonier than most fish, if they are cooked properly they can be really tasty.

Be sure to go out on the lake with a Finnish person who has experience. Ice fishing takes a bit of knowledge and experience. The last thing you want to do is get out into the middle of a frozen lake and realize you have no idea what you are doing. Also having the right kind of lures and bait will help as well. Again talk to a Finn first for some guidance on this.

Finally remember to bring alcohol! If you don’t catch any fish at least you can catch a buzz!

Have fun and remember to stay warm!

Minun suomalainen lempiruoka

by Ramil Nuretdinov, degree student in Environmental Engineering
Leivän tuotanto Suomessa on kalliimpaa kuin Venäjällä, mitäs siihen sanoa. Mutta hinta on oikea, koska Suomen tuotanto on parempi, se on oikeasti niin!

Jos haluatte maistaa jotain kansallisista Suomen leivonnaisista, niin ostakaa  ”reikäleipää”: se on suomalainen ruisleipä, jossa on reikä keskellä leipää.

Minä suosittelen myös kuuluisaa karjalanpiirakkaa. Niiden täytteet ovat erilaiset. Aina riisistä perunamuusiin saakka.

Suomalainen piirakka kalan kanssa on tehty rukiista. Sen nimi on kalakukko. Ja jos puhutaan suomalaisesta keittiöstä, niin parasta on kuitenkin ruoka, joka on tehty kalasta! Suomalaiset tekevät ruoan järvi-, joki- tai merikalasta. Monet turistit ostavat kalan Suomesta, koska luottavat Suomen tuotannon laatuun.

Two small pancakes with salty fillings

Fisherman’s delicates: blinit, mätiä, sipulia ja smetanaa.

Suomen kansalliseen ruokavalioon kuuluu mm. kalakeitto ja klimppisoppa. Joitakin kala-aterioita tehdään maitotuotteiden kanssa. Myös Venäjällä tarjotaan kalakeitto vispikerman kanssa, joka tekee keiton herkullisemmaksi.