The Channel Number One – Radio Rock

by Jarmo Hirvikoski, degree student in Media




You might already know that rock and metal music is quite popular in Finland. What you might not know is that there aren’t many Finnish radio channels that are dedicated to play songs solely from those genres. Luckily Finland has Radio Rock, and it makes up for that quite nicely. Its broadcasting began in January 2007 and the first song that the station played was Metallica – Master of Puppets. Radio Rock is one of the most popular radio channels in Finland these days.

Playing great songs from both Finnish and foreign bands is coupled with interesting competitions. You can, for example, try to beat another competitor with your musical knowledge or simply try to be the first one who calls to the studio when a specific song is played. Prizes often are free festival tickets and backstage passes to gigs in Finland and foreign countries, Radio Rock apparel, or gift cards to different shops (e.g. Gigantti and Disturb). Famous artists also visit the shows every now and then, and those visits are usually funnier than their visits to other radio channels because they can act more freely. That usually means cursing and being honest with their opinions. The channel also organizes cruises, which are very popular because you get a chance to meet many Finnish artists.


Big part of Radio Rock’s charm comes from its speaker persons or hosts. Shows like Heikelä Korporaatio are highly entertaining because the speakers, Jussi Heikelä and Harri Moisio, discuss about various topics with humoristic, honest and occasional ”I don’t give a damn what others think” attitude. Visiting artists probably like to visit them because of that. Artists and media celebrities even host some of the shows. For example, Jussi 69 from The 69 Eyes has his own show called ”Rock ‘n Roll Circus”. In summer and December, there are special shows called ”Kesäpojat” (Summer boys) and ”Tiernapojat” (Star boys) with their own guest hosts. Artists from Kotiteollisuus, Lovex, Stam1na, Apulanta and Maj Karma have already shown their hosting skills.

So, Radio Rock is more than recommendable if you want to listen to Finnish rock music, hear Finnish rock stars’ honest thoughts and win cool stuff. And simultaneously learn some Finnish.