Fingerpori – Humongously Hilarious Homonyms

by Antti Palosaari, degree student in Media

heimo2.edFingerpori is a Finnish comic that’s been around since 2007. Written and drawn by the artist Pertti Jarla, it tells rather heart-warming stories about the folks of a small Finnish town called Fingerpori. Located right between Vatican, Soviet Russia and Mordor, Fingerpori is home to the engineer Heimo Vesa and his friends. Characters such as Jesus, the Pope, Adolf Hitler, The Phantom and Carl Gustav Emil Mannerheim appear occasionally.

Needless to say, the comic is extremely humorous and exhilarating. Yet it has caused controversy in certain conservative Finnish communities. The beauty of Fingerpori is its vivid use of the Finnish language – thus reading Fingerpori comics is a good way to learn Finnish, and great fun, too! Fingerpori takes great advantage of homonyms, wordplay and puns. Some of the jokes don’t translate very well, and you have to know some Finnish to get the joke. However, several strips have been translated into English and can be read here. A new strip is published daily in Finnish here.