In silence…

by Tommi Viljamaa, degree student in Media A skiing track in sun shine.

Sometimes it’s good to be silent. Brains get a rest they need, and it gives time to think things through more throughly. This is what I do very well, and enjoy it quite a lot. So do many other Finns apparently. However, my perceptions are mostly from northern Finland which makes them kinda biased. Still, silence is golden in here.

But you may find yourself in a situation where silence isn’t helping and instead it fluent conversation skills would come handy. Just to start conversation to get to know the person can be difficult when it has not so actively been practised. This is a huge problem because it’s important to be able to co-operate easily. Lumioksanen1.edWorking together has always brought huge advantages for human race.

Both of them have advantages, but too much either of them – talking or silence – can be a bad thing. Unfortunately the only way to learn to talk with strangers is to talk with strangers. That’s scary.