Of Finnish food culture

by Jerina Kivistö, degree student in Media

About two dozenz of Karelian pasties both on a plate and on a paper.

Self-made warm Karelian pasties, yum-yum!

Finland has  globally  rather unknown culinary traditions but that of course doesn’t mean such wouldn’t exist. Some say our food tastes bland, others say it looks quite unappetizing. And I can’t argue with that –  some Finnish dishes may look a tad disgusting – I mean, I have never ever heard anyone say how a look of mustamakkara or mämmi makes their mouth water. Needless to say I get the point.

Nonetheless, I still want to defend traditional Finnish food – it is after all what I grew up with and a certain appreciation is expected. Using minimum amount of spices has led us to the point, where the ingredients need to be fresh and tasty on their own without further enhancing. Nothing probably tastes better than wood stove-baked rye bread with salted butter and a tall glass of refreshing full-fat milk. In the traditional Finnish kitchen, the taste comes from the main ingredients itself, not so much from the spices.

Surely, with globalization the Finnish diet might have changed into kebab and pizza but it still doesn’t change the fact how utterly delicious food we have available here. So, the question is, what is your favorite Finnish food?

A recipe for you: Karelian pasties http://www.food.com/recipe/karelian-pasties-karjalan-piirakat-136480 .