Moomins: colorful and cute part of our lives!

by Kaisa Karimäki, degree student in Environmental EngineeringMuumimuki1.ed

Most of us Finns have grown up with Moomins. They were the popular cartoons that we all watched every night and they still have a big affect in our adult lives. I among many, have a vast Muumimuki2.edcollection of Moomin products.

Moomins were created by Tove Jannson, a very talented Finland-Swedish writer and artist, who was born in Helsinki. She wrote the Moomins originally in Swedish. The Moomins were not originally designed only for children but later on came one of the most popular cartoons for kids.

The Moomins still appear to be a part of many Finnish homes as part of the tableware, cute vases and tin cans or as bed sheets. Most Finns have had their favorite Moomin since they were little; mine was definitely Pikku Myy! Many families still go to visit Muumimaailma (Moomin world) in Naantali.