by Miika Hirvasmaa, degree student in Environmental Engineering

Colourful Music festival bandstand in evening dusk.

Also Ozora festival in Hungary offers suomisaundi stylish music. Photo: Vilma Rimpelä.

To get a full picture of Finnish culture we need to dive really deep into it.

Suomisaundi also known as “suomistyge” or “spugedelic trance”, is a style of freestyle psychedelic trance that originated in Finland around the mid-1990s. “Suomisaundi” literally means “Finnish sound” in Finnish. Music that features many of the characteristics of suomisaundi has gained global popularity. The term “spugedelic” is comically derived from “psychedelic” and “spuge”, meaning “an alcoholic” in Helsinki slang.

Young people in summer clothes walking in a festival area.

Music in the backround, all the time… Photo: Vilma Rimpelä

Suomisaundi isn´t so popular among Finnish people, but it is getting more popular day by day. There are lots of psychedelic music events nowadays, at least in big cities. (Tampere, Helsinki and Turku for example) At summertime there are some psychedelic festivals, and mostly the place is in the forest. (Kosmos festival for example)

If you want to experience something really different, go and check what it is all about!


Link for some original suomisaundi: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nag3aEz7eY0