No Nutella!

by Veera Nelimarkka, degree student in Media

A student boy sitting on a pier, feet just above the water. The cover of the lake is calm and birches by the lake have turned little bit yellow.

By the lake – one of them!

When Tiarnan O’Doherty, aged 21, was planning to go study abroad, he had two possible destinations to choose from: either Dundee in Scotland or Tampere in Finland. Tiarnan thought Dundee would be a place concentrated mostly on drinking. That is one of the reasons he chose to come to Finland, but little did he know, Finnish people drink a lot, too. Also the fact, that Finland is not an English-speaking country, was attractive to him, so, he packed up his bags and flew to Tampere.

Tampere turned out to be a bigger than Tiarnan had thought. He was also surprised by the infrastructure: there were roads everywhere, the public transport was good and the houses had good heating systems… He faced a lot of nice surprises, but, unfortunately, he also had to deal with some problems. According to Tiarnan, Finnish meat is bad. Everything is quite expensive here, and you can’t seem to find Nutella anywhere!

When asked about his home country Ireland, Tiarnan is happy to admit it’s one of the best countries in the world. According to him, in Ireland, there is something to everyone: history, arts, museums, botanic gardens, castles, monasteries… The capital, Dublin, is multi-cultural and it has a good quality cuisine with wide range of dishes.

Tiarnan stayed in Finland for two semesters, but the Christmas holidays he spent at home. When I asked, what kind of time it was, he told me he had Irish fun. When we are together, he explained, we actually speak.