Live music in Tampere

by Teppo Hyttinen, degree student in Media

A rock vocalist standing on a stage hands up, a microphone in his left hand, blue lights in the background

Wow! It’s Olli Hermann, vocalist of Reckless Love – Southpark Festival 2015. Photo: Carolin Büttner

Finnish music scene is extremely lively considering the small size of the country. Especially on the rock and metal side of music, Finnish live-music scene is doing well. Tampere is known as the “rock” city of Finland, home to dozens of well-known rock and metal bands.

Tampere has several well-known venues throughout the city, as well as popular festivals and events throughout the year. Some of the most popular venues are Pakkahuone and Klubi and they are host for hundreds of events every year, ranging from smaller bands to very popular artists. Other known venues are Yo-Talo, the legendary Vastavirta, Amadeus and the slightly newer Jack the Rooster. And let’s not forget Hervanta’s Varjobaari either. These venues offer wide range of different kinds of music for the listener to enjoy, at a reasonable price. There’s a gig somewhere pretty much every day in Tampere, and a big artist at least once a week.

Purple colour scheme of singing rock vocalist, a guitar player behind him.

The gig of Stala & So at Jack the Rooster. Photo: Carolin Büttner

Tampere also has a sports stadium and an ice stadium for festivals and worldwide known artists. Notable festivals and events in Tampere throughout the years has been Sauna Open Air Metal Festival (which was held for the last time in 2013, replaced by Southpark Festival), Tammerfest, Blockfest, Tampere Medieval Folkfest and many many more!

So if it’s live music you’re looking for, you can’t go wrong with Tampere!


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