A decorated Christmas tree with genuine candles in a dark room.

Atmospheric light in dark evening. A genuine spruce spreads also so good smell!

by Niko Mansikka-Aho, degree student in Media and Arts

Christmassauna, spending time together, presents, dining table full of different, delicious meals. There are many ways to spend your Christmas, which abovesaid have become very typical Christmas manners over the years especially here in Finland. Preparations begin usually slowly and early to make Christmas Eve perfect.

Advent calendar is bought, Christmas cards are sent early enough and shopping for Christmas Eve is done repeatedly in December and in the end of November. Like said before there are many settled traditions in spending Christmas Eve, although there are some differences. Along already mentioned habits, Christmas church and visiting graves of relatives are also some common traditions.

Typical Christmas Eve meal consists of ham, salmon, rice porridge and some traditional Finnish casseroles like rutabaga and carrot casseroles. There are also some regional differences in Finnish Christmas Eve meals. In Lapland for example the meal includes reindeer as well. It’s normal that Finnish people eat the leftovers from Eve for even over a week.

Look at how Donald prepared for X-mas!!!