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Beauties of Lapland

by Sasu Kirvesmäki, degree student in Environmental Engineering

People walking in a queue a fell in the background

Hiking is fun together!

I bet you have already seen lots of beautiful places in Finland: its many lakes, forrests and fields. Maybe some old architecture in our old cities. But you haven’t seen all of the beauty before you visit Lapland!

A streaming brook in Lapland

Refreshment for hikers.

In the summer you can experience nature of the tundra. There are many national parks with marked hiking routes. Along the routes you will find fells, beatiful marshes full of cloud berries, reindeer running freely in the tundra, wonderful lakes, raging rapids and breathtaking views. Everyone is free to wonder in the national parks. Just remember to respect the nature and follow the rules of the specific park. In the autumn the nature blooms in red, orange and yellow. This season is called ’ruska’ in Finnish and it’s especially beatiful in Lapland.

Sunset at a small Lappish lake.

It is time to rest in the evening.

Winters in Lapland are usually cold and snowy. In winter time you can enjoy the ski resorts of the fells. If you want to experience the nature of tundra in winter you can for example go to a snowmobile safari. During winter you might also see northern lights lighting up the skies of Lapland. Winter in Lapland is long and dark. There is a time called ’kaamos’ when the sun doesn’t rise at all in Lapland. But any way there is bright snow there!

If you haven’t been in Lapland yet I highly recommend you to go. It doesn’t matter when you go there, there is always something to do and see!

Welcome to Lapland – Tervetuloa Lappiin

Road with reindeers in Lapland in winter time

by Tobias Schengber, exhange student in Environmental Engineering

Lapland is stretched across Finland, Sweden, Norway and Russia, situated at most northern part of Europe around the Arctic Circle and the home of the Sami people. With its largest city Rovaniemi, the residence of Santa Claus, the Finnish part of Lapland (“Lappi”) is definitely a “must see” when travelling to Finland or staying there for an exchange year. Driving through Lapland shows a different world, which is hard to put into words.

Endless and slippery roads, lack of gas stations, reindeers on the streets surrounded by darkness and snow are challenges you have to struggle against. The only sign of civilisation is the slight discoloration of the sky due to the lights of some houses or street lights. You can hardly imagine of living there, as there are only few houses every 100 km and the bus that has to drive large distances goes approximately four times a day. The difficult living conditions in Lapland make it a very less inhabited place and many Finns just have a summer cottage in there, while they are living in bigger cities in the south of Finland the rest of the year.

A ridethought Lapland is definitely an adventure, especially by car and I would highly recommend for people that like nature, Northern lights (“revontulet”) and quite places.

Aurelia borealis above Tampere

Northern lights above Pinnish Lapland in March 2013