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Live music in Tampere

by Teppo Hyttinen, degree student in Media

A rock vocalist standing on a stage hands up, a microphone in his left hand, blue lights in the background

Wow! It’s Olli Hermann, vocalist of Reckless Love – Southpark Festival 2015. Photo: Carolin Büttner

Finnish music scene is extremely lively considering the small size of the country. Especially on the rock and metal side of music, Finnish live-music scene is doing well. Tampere is known as the “rock” city of Finland, home to dozens of well-known rock and metal bands.

Tampere has several well-known venues throughout the city, as well as popular festivals and events throughout the year. Some of the most popular venues are Pakkahuone and Klubi and they are host for hundreds of events every year, ranging from smaller bands to very popular artists. Other known venues are Yo-Talo, the legendary Vastavirta, Amadeus and the slightly newer Jack the Rooster. And let’s not forget Hervanta’s Varjobaari either. These venues offer wide range of different kinds of music for the listener to enjoy, at a reasonable price. There’s a gig somewhere pretty much every day in Tampere, and a big artist at least once a week.

Purple colour scheme of singing rock vocalist, a guitar player behind him.

The gig of Stala & So at Jack the Rooster. Photo: Carolin Büttner

Tampere also has a sports stadium and an ice stadium for festivals and worldwide known artists. Notable festivals and events in Tampere throughout the years has been Sauna Open Air Metal Festival (which was held for the last time in 2013, replaced by Southpark Festival), Tammerfest, Blockfest, Tampere Medieval Folkfest and many many more!

So if it’s live music you’re looking for, you can’t go wrong with Tampere!



by Miika Hirvasmaa, degree student in Environmental Engineering

Colourful Music festival bandstand in evening dusk.

Also Ozora festival in Hungary offers suomisaundi stylish music. Photo: Vilma Rimpelä.

To get a full picture of Finnish culture we need to dive really deep into it.

Suomisaundi also known as “suomistyge” or “spugedelic trance”, is a style of freestyle psychedelic trance that originated in Finland around the mid-1990s. “Suomisaundi” literally means “Finnish sound” in Finnish. Music that features many of the characteristics of suomisaundi has gained global popularity. The term “spugedelic” is comically derived from “psychedelic” and “spuge”, meaning “an alcoholic” in Helsinki slang.

Young people in summer clothes walking in a festival area.

Music in the backround, all the time… Photo: Vilma Rimpelä

Suomisaundi isn´t so popular among Finnish people, but it is getting more popular day by day. There are lots of psychedelic music events nowadays, at least in big cities. (Tampere, Helsinki and Turku for example) At summertime there are some psychedelic festivals, and mostly the place is in the forest. (Kosmos festival for example)

If you want to experience something really different, go and check what it is all about!


Link for some original suomisaundi: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nag3aEz7eY0 

Pori Jazz – The cornerstone of summer festivals in Finland

by Teemu Heinonen, degree student in Environmental Engineering

A small Pori Jazz bandstand

Music under the summer sky.

Pori Jazz is an international music festival, which is held every year in July in Pori. The festival was started in 1966 and was mainly featuring jazz music. As the years went by other music genres got sucked into it and now it is a meeting place for all kinds of musical people.

The festival takes place in two main areas, Kirjurinluoto-arena and the “Jazz”-street. Kirjurinluoto has all the main artists and bands, thus getting to see them costs, a lot. There are three stages in Kirjurinluoto, two large ones and one small. The two bigger ones feature most famous artists and bands from all kinds of music genres but the smaller one is mainly featuring jazz.

Entering the “Jazz”- street is totally free for everyone. It is near Kirjurinluoto and has all kinds of food stalls and drinking places. Also few Pori jazz merchandise stores are around. There is also a small stage where smaller bands that play jazz music can perform everyday of the festival and it is completely free for everyone to go and listen to them. So grab a few friends with you and take a bus or a train to Pori. And while you’re in there you should go and visit Yyteri, the best beach in whole Finland.

See what the program looks like this year: http://porijazz.fi/en/

A big bandstand in the background, audience enjoying music.

“So I find myself again here among the jazz audience!”




The Channel Number One – Radio Rock

by Jarmo Hirvikoski, degree student in Media




You might already know that rock and metal music is quite popular in Finland. What you might not know is that there aren’t many Finnish radio channels that are dedicated to play songs solely from those genres. Luckily Finland has Radio Rock, and it makes up for that quite nicely. Its broadcasting began in January 2007 and the first song that the station played was Metallica – Master of Puppets. Radio Rock is one of the most popular radio channels in Finland these days.

Playing great songs from both Finnish and foreign bands is coupled with interesting competitions. You can, for example, try to beat another competitor with your musical knowledge or simply try to be the first one who calls to the studio when a specific song is played. Prizes often are free festival tickets and backstage passes to gigs in Finland and foreign countries, Radio Rock apparel, or gift cards to different shops (e.g. Gigantti and Disturb). Famous artists also visit the shows every now and then, and those visits are usually funnier than their visits to other radio channels because they can act more freely. That usually means cursing and being honest with their opinions. The channel also organizes cruises, which are very popular because you get a chance to meet many Finnish artists.


Big part of Radio Rock’s charm comes from its speaker persons or hosts. Shows like Heikelä Korporaatio are highly entertaining because the speakers, Jussi Heikelä and Harri Moisio, discuss about various topics with humoristic, honest and occasional ”I don’t give a damn what others think” attitude. Visiting artists probably like to visit them because of that. Artists and media celebrities even host some of the shows. For example, Jussi 69 from The 69 Eyes has his own show called ”Rock ‘n Roll Circus”. In summer and December, there are special shows called ”Kesäpojat” (Summer boys) and ”Tiernapojat” (Star boys) with their own guest hosts. Artists from Kotiteollisuus, Lovex, Stam1na, Apulanta and Maj Karma have already shown their hosting skills.

So, Radio Rock is more than recommendable if you want to listen to Finnish rock music, hear Finnish rock stars’ honest thoughts and win cool stuff. And simultaneously learn some Finnish.



It sounds great now, thank you guys!

by Marja Oksanen

Two smiling men at a table with a loudspeaker

Benjamin and Daniel enjoying clear sound

A lack of proper loudspeakers in our class room caused irritation which led to respectable activities: Daniel Bodenmiller and Benjamin MacNab built a brand new, useful and efficient gadget to give joy to Finnish language students. Now we are able to hear clearly listening comprehension exercises and lyrics of Finnish songs!

Once again, thank you dear Environmental Engineering students!


a loudspeaker is being built, stil very unready

There is still a process…

This unready gadget is shaping to be a loudspeaker.

…going on.

Music from Finland! – Musiikkia Suomesta!

by Carolin Büttner, degree student in Media

Rock band singer with his microphone

Private Line – listen to the music “Dead Decade”: http://youtu.be/MjemOB9ILrs

Finland is not only known for reindeers and Santa Claus, it is also famous for its music.

Almost every day you can find in bars or pubs some live music. Even if it is a single artist or a band. Suomen kansa rakastaa musiikkia!

Guitar player on the stage, lights and smoke in the background

Numero Kasikolme – listen to the music “Velipoika”: http://youtu.be/XNj4wToOj3s

While Helsinki is the Pop city of Finland, Tampere is the Rock city.  Nämä ihan hyvät bändit ovat Helsingistä:  The 69 Eyes, Sunrise Avenue, The Rasmus, Private Line —-

Ja nämä tamperelaiset bändit ovat hyviä:  Numero Kasikolme, White Flame, Matthau Mikojan.

All in all, if you are visiting Finland it is always a great experience to visit some music bar. 🙂

Guitar player on the stage in colurful lights

Matthau Mikojan – listen to the music “Too Fortunate to Cry”: http://youtu.be/2oALwg3ZQEI